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Ancient Promises – by Jaishree Misra
Ancient Promises is a fascinating read capturing the essence of its protagonist’s struggle to achieve fulfillment while moving through the ordinary and often narrow alleys of Indian life, from an arranged marriage to a marital strife, culminating in a fairytale fashion with the finding of true love. Written from a woman’s point of view – the book seems to be semi autobiographical. The author uses simple language but the result is a beautifully flowing prose – neither too heavy nor light. The book is heart warming because most of us can identify with Janaki, the heroine, as she grows from an awkward teenager to a self-assured adult who knows what she wants. The plot does tend to get a little heavy and melodramatic at point but that is only to be expected from a first novel.

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Next time you are unable to answer the multitude of questions your kid throws at you, log on to ‘Ask Jeeves for Kids’ along with your child. A great Web search tool that allows children to ask questions in everyday language – from where to find details on the Trojan war to life in ancient India.

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Food Court, Crossroads, Mumbai
The concept of a food court is an intrinsic part of all malls abroad. Now you have one in Mumbai, India. Half a dozen stalls have been put of different cuisines – ranging from pizza to Mexican and Chinese food. All you need to do is pay a lump sum at the main counter and with the card they give you, you can pay at the various stalls with no hassle of giving money and collecting change from each stall. There is also a neat sitting area where you can enjoy the food in peace. It is particularly good for children as they can run around in the adjoining courtyard. The Corn on the Cob and Chaat is highly recommended. Ideal place to put your tired feet up after hours of shopping!

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Karadi Tales
These read-along audio books have been brought out by The Times of India Group. Each title features a story from Panchtantra or mythology. The pack has an audio cassette and a colourful book. The story is told through songs and music, with prominent artists from the music world involved. Karadi tales are the first good quality audio books introduced in India. Expressive narration, colourful illustrations, foot-tapping music and background score lead the listener-reader through the realms of the tale. These tales stimulate the auditory and visual senses of young minds. The child becomes familiar with new words and sounds. The stories are carefully designed to develop vocabulary and listening skills.
In keeping with the varying attention span and concentration skills of each child, Karadi Tales balances narration, text, song and music to excite, engross and entertain the young reader.

To order a copy for your child, simply write in to us.

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pearl jewellery , Mumbai
Hi Moms! There is a good online store offering excellent and affordable pearl jewellery in Mumbai. At lokhandwala complex. One can buy pearl necklace or fancy and exquisite pearl sets. The rates are lower than most boutiques.

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