Travelling with Children

You don’t have to stop travelling just because you have a small child. Good planning is the key to a fun and successful trip with children.
Just try our golden rules and see!

  • Plan your vacation in detail before hand. Make a list of places you’re going to visit and arrange them in the simplest possible order.
  • If you are going by car get it checked from bumper to bumper.
  • Allow yourself plenty of time, as kids always seem to add to the time taken on a journey.
  • Carry a travel pack with extra clothes, nappies, baby wipes, tissues, towels,. Take lots of toys games, music and food such as fruits, biscuits and chocolates.
  • Prepare some games for the children to play during the journey to keep them occupied. They can count all the red cars they see or can watch out for the milestones.
  • Always carry water and a tin of powdered milk in case you can’t get hold of regular milk.
  • If your child suffers from motion sickness, check with your doctor for anti-sickness pills such as avomin. Always check the dosage beforehand. Don’t let him travel on a full stomach. Carry cloves or cardamom with you as these help to alleviate sickness.
  • Try and ensure that each child gets a window seat so as to avoid unnecessary quarrels.
  • If you’re going by train or plane have your child dressed in bright visible colours that stand out in a crowd, so that there is no danger of losing sight of your active children.
  • Make contingency plans with the child in case of getting lost. Even if never needed, they’ll probably make both of you feel better.
  • Keep hold of the child when entering or exiting a train or a plane even if it means ignoring the luggage.
  • Don’t take a small child on an escalator or near a conveyor belt.

Always carry an extra pair of clothes

  • Involve the child in the vacation- from planning it to inventing games on the places you will be seeing.
  • Expect delays, detours and small emergencies so carry along your enthusiasm and a sense of humour

Eating out with a toddler

What to watch out for

  • Cuisine – will he like the cuisine served there? Can you order something special for him? How long will the meal take to come?
  • Amenities – Will there be high chairs? Will the surroundings be child-proof?
  • Attitude of staff – are toddlers welcome?
  • Noise level – Is it high enough to disguise your toddler’s contributions or will you get angry looks from all present?


  • Go early and finish early.
  • Make reservations and explain in advance that you have a toddler with you.
  • Try and get seating away from the kitchen doors and the other diners. Preferably try for a booth where you can put him between you and the wall.
  • Keep your attention on the toddler otherwise he may begin to scream in order to get your attention.
  • Don’t try out new dishes for him.
  • Tip well.
  • Set limits for behaviour

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