Baby Sleeping Problems

One of the most common problems faced by new parents is sleep related, for themselves and the baby.
How much is enough sleep? – If your infant wakes up fresh, is full of energy not irritable and eats well, he’s sleeping enough.

With a newborn any difficulties in sleeping are yours, not his. He will sleep as much as he needs and is incapable at this stage of keeping himself awake.

The baby could be having problems in sleeping because he –

What to do to ensure that both of you sleep well?

see that the baby is comfortable.
Wrap him up securely but make sure that he is not too hot.

A good way of determining whether a baby is over heated or not is to check the back of the neck.

Darken the room sufficiently at least at first. But gradually get your baby into the habit of sleeping through all kinds of light and noise.

Never tiptoe around a baby – he will be more likely to wake at every slight sound. Also babies like to know that you are around and they can sleep safety.

  • Make sure that the room is warm but not dry. If necessary put an electrical kettle on in one corner of the room, the steam will keep the room moist.
  • Try to give the night feed as soon as the baby cries for it. The longer he cries, the longer it will take to put him back to sleep.
  • Accept him for what he is – a night person!

For you:-

  • Try and give a late night feed before your own bedtime.
  • Think of your own comforts – if its cold keep a hot water bottle ready for yourself. .
  • Keep bottles, warmers and other necessities close by.
  • Learn to catch your sleep whenever & wherever possible.
  • Get help in looking after the baby during the day so that you can get some rest. Forget the cleaning and the cooking for a while – just catch up on your sleep.

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