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Being a parent is an insecure occupation – there are always so many things you don’t know. Even worse, its not often possible to find someone with answers and if you do find such a person, you may be too embarrassed to clear many of your doubts. This reference guide is our attempt to provide the answers to worries and concerns that all of us mothers have shared at some time or another.

Parenting is such an all-encompassing topic that several hundred such sites would be required to do it justice. However, we have tried to address the most important issues facing a mother as well as pay attention to certain areas that are often neglected, such as the play needs of a child. The Guide has a holistic approach to parenting from the needs of the parents to the needs of the child and from the physical growth to the mental development of your child. It has many unique articles, which aim to help you not only in deciding what is best for your family but also in understanding the logic behind it.

The attempt throughout is to enhance parenting skills and to empathize, rather than merely impart information. We have also tried to take the best of the traditional as represented by the elders in the family and the modern urban as represented by doctors and blend them seamlessly for you to use. Each child is unique and so ultimately it is you who is the expert on your child and your family. This ParentingGuide is just that- a tool for helping you in decision-making.

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