Infants are so adorable; you can’t help loving this phase of a child’s life. But both of you are new to each other and perhaps a little awkward still. Become familiar with your baby through our special section on infants – their needs, development and care. Learn the intricacies of bathing a newborn and become an expert on colic. Most of all discover the wonders of an infant’s mind and how to stimulate it.


Infant Guide
Learning begins at School  Daily care Milestone Chart
Traditional practices and fallacies Infant Care Myths Breast Feeding
Expressing milk Special breast feeding problems Weaning
Maternity Bras and Nipple care Crying Bottle Feeding
Sleep problems Colic Infant Play needs
Safety Common Ailments Starting Solids
Choosing a Paediatrician Premature babies Sexual Abuse Guidebook
Travelling with Children Birthday parties All about Dental Hygiene
Toilet training Creativity Reading
Different Tempraments Gender differences Newborn Look


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