Foetal Photography

1st month

Conception – a sperm penetrates the egg’s protective membrane, then sheds its tail.
The fertilized egg starts dividing. For a week after fertilization, the ball of divided cells floats free in the uterus. Finally it comes to rest on the uterine lining and attaches here.

2nd month

This month is the most dramatic in your unborn baby’s growth. Tremendous transformations occur. To start with the embryo looks little more than a tube and by the end of the month it resembles a living creature.

3rd month

In the third month all the baby’s internal organs have formed and begun to function even though they are still tiny. The fingers and toes become more distinct. The kidneys are functioning, the skin is nearly transparent, the external parts are taking shapes and bones and muscles are starting to grow. The foetus is clearly human but it is 1 2/3 rd inches long and weighs about 1/5 th of an ounce.

4th month

The body is growing fast and his arms and legs are developing rapidly. Nails have begun to form on the fingers. The bones have begun to make red blood cells, and the gall bladder beings making bile, which is needed for digestion. The external sex organs become distinctly male or female. Facial features also become more distinct. Underneath the gum, teeth are forming even though they won’t appear until 6 – 7 months after birth.

5th month
A five month old foetus is able to suck his thumb, secure in the womb. The bones are harder and muscles and limbs stronger. Hair begins to grow on his head. He can hear sounds now. He is now about 7 inches long and weighs approximately 10 – 12 ounces. The Foetus can turn, stretch and kick, the mother can now feel his movements. The skin becomes covered with a cheesy, yellow substance called vernix, which protects the baby’s skin.

6th month
A 6 month old foetus looks like a miniature of the newborn she will become. He has developed the Laungo, a fine downy hair which covers the baby’s body. After this month weight gain will be rapid. Bones and muscles are growing stronger. Her heartbeat is becoming strong enough to be heard with a stethoscope. Most importantly the lungs now are producing surfactant, which helps your baby breathe after birth. At this stage the baby is 9 inches long and weighs 1 ½ pounds.

7th month
The baby is now almost ready to come into the world. He fills the womb now. His eyelids will slowly open and he is able to see changes in light and dark. His hearing is fully developed and he responds to his mother’s voice. The skin is less wrinkled and fat has begun to fill out his contours. Taste buds have developed and the hands can now make grasping motions.

8th month

Everything in your baby is preparing for her entry into the world. The brains and nerves are maturing, a process that will continue long after birth. The baby’s limbs are becoming smooth and plump, and the skin is a healthy colour.

9th month
This is the month of greatest anticipation as nature puts the finishing touches on your child. Near the end of the month your baby may assume the position she will take for delivery.
During delivery, the baby’s head usually appears first. It is almost time to celebrate.

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