Baby Soaps And Toiletries, Natural Skin Care For Babies

For centuries man depended on nature for all his needs, whether it is food, cosmetics or medicines. Many natural ingredients were used to take care of babies, keeping in mind their tender skin and specific needs. Nowadays a wide range of products is available for baby care. These mainly consist of soap, shampoo, oil, creams and powder. A good policy to follow is to select the products of a reputed company, so that you can be sure of quality.

Most baby soaps are mild. You can also choose a glycerine soap, as this is quite suitable for tender skin. Our range of baby care products, Kids’ Collection includes an ayurvedic hair cleanser, which is safe and does not sting the eyes. In any case, while washing the baby’s hair, care should be taken to apply shampoo from front to back and also pour water gently from front to back.

Babies are prone to rashes, especially in the diaper region. If the rash persists for more than a day, you should consult your doctor. We have formulated an ayurvedic anti-septic powder, containing flower extracts, which helps to prevent skin infections and rash. It also keeps the diaper region dry. In fact, babies also develop prickly heat very easily. The
powder has been formulated, keeping this problem in mind and helps to soothe prickly heat and relieve itching. However, you should take care not to use too much powder, which can collect in crevices and folds of the baby’s skin.

Baby oils are very light and are absorbed quickly by the baby’s skin. Pure olive oil can also be used, instead of a baby oil. Sesame seed (til) oil has been commonly used for baby massage. The Kids’ Collection also includes a skin treatment cream and baby lotion to prevent and soothe chapping and dryness. The cream is a soothing emollient for other skin conditions, caused by wetness, windburn, or rubbed knees and elbows. These products contain
ingredients like rose, lavender, sandalwood, arnica, apricot and honey, which are known to have a gentle effect on the skin.

Oil massage and cream applications also protect the skin from the effects of chlorinated water. During the winter months, a baby’s skin can get chapped very easily. One should go easy on soap. Massage the baby’s skin before bath
and apply baby lotion all over the body afterwards. The cream may be applied on chapped areas. Baby creams and lotions also soothe the skin in complaints like rubbed elbows or “crawlers’ knee”

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