Buyer’s Guide – Diapers

These are from Kimberley-Clarke Lever , a sister concern of HLL. These are by far the cheapest of all diapers available. They come in three varieties – the belted diapers, the beltless diapers and the Nappy Pads.

  • Belt Diapers – Infact Huggies is the only one selling belted diapers. These come with an elastic belt that is threaded into the diaper to secure the diaper pad on the baby. The belt needs to be reused with all the diapers in a packet. So even when your child has done the big job you will need to extract the belt off the soiled diaper!!! But these are very economical.
  • Nappy Pads – Even more economical are the Nappy Pads which are meant to be worn inside a nappy. They have no securing mechanism and are simply held in place by the nappy. They are a lot like STs, although a lot bigger! These are not very good, especially for long durations like outings, as they don’t retain much moisture and have a tendency to leak. These are best used for a short stint.
    Beltless Diapers -These are just like the diapers from other brands. The sticker secures the diaper rather than a belt. The Huggies beltless diapers match up to international standards. They also have a lining of gathers inside the diaper that prevents spills. The adhesive used is not very good, it often doesn’t re-stick. Huggies are the best bet for those looking for a good balance between price and quality.
    The material of Huggies is diaper is slightly coarse for the baby’s skin, especially for younger babies.

Pampers come from the P&G stable. Material used is very soft for the baby. The adhesive used is also very good and can be reused (useful for checking the wetness and resealing). Pampers have a unique way of securing the adhesive tabs-they ask you to do it diagonally-which suits the body shape of the child much more. But beware of the size you buy. The only disadvantage is that Pampers are slightly more expensive than the other brands. They also do not have the gathers lining the opening for the legs to prevent spillage. The extra large size is not widely available in India.

Launched by LG, Maman diapers are very good but a little heavy on the pocket. They are available only in packets of 36 pieces so at one go you have to shell out Rs 360 or so. The per packet cost of all sizes is the same – the difference lies in that the smaller sizes contain more of the nappies in the packet.
Maman diapers are one of the best in the market.

Certainly not the best buy where price is concerned. The diapers are not very good either. Use only when in dire straits!

Pretty good except that there is no double lining or gathers inside so there could be leaks sometimes.

Made in USA, these diapers are pretty absorbent but without the double lining. They are economical as well.

This imported brand is cheap but not very reliable where size is concerned. The glue is also very bad. Overall this is not a very good product.

They are not bad. They are cheaper than Pampers and fairly absorbent. The larger size is also available.

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