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Many working women when starting a family are faced with a dilemma whether to take a sabbatical from their career or to leave their child with other care givers. This is not an easy decision to take as generally moms-to-be are standing at a very crucial juncture as far as their career is concerned, and years spent away from the corporate world may mean a severe setback to their career growth chart. Also the mother finds it difficult to leave her newborn baby in the care of others. She knows that these are the crucial years for her child’s mental development and growth.

There is as yet absolutely no awareness amongst companies in India on the need to provide flexible working timings. It is therefore left to the women to make a choice either to take a long break in her career and devote time to the children or to go back to work as soon as ‘maternity leave’ is over and find suitable alternate care givers for their children.

No matter what other benefits may be on offer to employees, assistance with childcare, and an understanding attitude to the particular demands of combining work and family commitment, will be the main attraction for both working mothers and mothers thinking about returning to work. In the absence of such benefits, then work from home becomes an attractive option. That is why we have included the work at home options currently available and where not too much investment is required and you can work according to your own convenience. With the arrival of internet marketing jobs, employers outsource work which can be done from home.

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