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Home Remedies

Buried in our cultural heritage are age-old traditions and treatments that the rest of the world is just beginning to appreciate. However, sadly these traditional remedies are unkown to a great many mothers in urban India. Therefore we took it upon ourselves to collect and compile remedies from all over the country in this section. Our personal experience has shown that these remedies are sometimes more efficacious than the best medicines and they are especially advantageous for children as they give quick relief without side effects. Try these remedies and become your family’s best doctor. Don’t forget to write in and tell us your experiences or add your share to this collective treasure trove.

Home Remedies

Stomach troubles
First Aid
Cough & Cold

Mouth Care
During Pregnancy and Lactation

Every one needs a helping hand – with the house, with cooking, with parenting. It may not however be possible to go through books or reference material to get that help. The Tips section is designed to help busy mothers by encapsulating important bits of information in the form of small tips. Each of the tips is classified according to whether it is for the housewife or the mother or the woman in you.


Child Care Tips
Parenting Tips
Cooking Tips

Microwave Tips

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