Homemade Rice Cereal recipe

Ghee (just enough to roast the rice in)

1.Heat ghee on a girdle (tawa). Add rice and roast on low heat till the rice becomes light brown.

2.Grind the rice in the mixer. Store this in an air-tight jar

This powder can be used to make a nutritious and quick meal by adding milk or water to a few spoons of the powder. Add sugar or salt according to your child’s preference.

Tip – Don’t make a lot of this mixture at one go. Every week make a new batch and grind it a little coarser each week. This will ensure that the child gradually gets used to chewing and becomes ready for adult food.

Refrigerate in humid weather.

Ragi recipe

Wheat grains
Green Moong Dal
2-3 Almonds
Pinch of green cardamom powder

1.Soak ragi. Leave till sprouts come out.

2.Dry roast the sprouted ragi on a girdle (tawa).

3.Also roast wheat, green moong dal, almonds.

4.Mix all the roasted items.

5.Grind these to a fine powder Add green cardamom powder for flavour. Store in an airtight container.

When ready to use just add add milk and sugar/salt to 2-3 spoonfuls of the powder to make a tasty and highly nutritious meal for your baby.

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