Coconut Ice Recipe

300 gm icing sugar
150 gm desiccated coconut
4 tbsp condensed milk
Few drops or red or any other food colouring

1.Mix icing sugar and condensed milk.

2.Stir in the coconut.

3.Divide this mixture in two and add the colouring to one half.

4.Press the uncoloured portion into a greased tin.

5.Now press the coloured portion on top of it.

6.Leave until set, then cut into squares.

Tip – If icing sugar is not available you can use powdered sugar.

Fruit Freeze No cooking required – Coconut recipes

2 tins condensed milk
4 cups coconut milk
4 cups cream
4 tbsp gelatine
1tsp Vanilla essence
½ tsp Orange food colour
3-4 Mangoes (diced)
½ cup water

1.Soak gelatine in ½ cup water in a bowl for 5 minutes. Place the bowl in a shallow pan containing hot water. Stir the gelatine till it dissolves.

2.In a mixing bowl, whisk cream till thick and fluffy.

3.Whisk in coconut milk, condensed milk, soaked gelatine, essence and colour.

4.Spoon the mixture into ice trays. Freeze, until almost firm.

5.Remove from freezer. Beat well and refreeze until firm.

6.Serve in individual glasses decorated with mango pieces.

Tip – You can use red colour and cherries instead of orange colour and mangoes. To extract coconut milk; chop or grate the fresh coconut kernel. Add 2 cups of warm water. Blend in a mixer. Strain. To the residue add another 2 cups of warm water and repeat the process. Now days you get coconut milk readymade in a carton.

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