With Indian Moms you have easy access to a targeted countrywide, niche audience. The decision-making powers of Indian mothers cannot be over-estimated. They are not only the deciding force for household consumables and durables, but as far as child-related products are concerned they are, by and large, the decision-makers. So what better medium to send your message to the chief decision-maker than one which provides pleasure and information.

We offer several different promotional opportunities and we will work with you to create an ad campaign that meets your needs and makes the most of our unique demographics and resources. At Indian Moms we feel that an advertiser should be given complete flexibility as to where he wants the ad to appear. Therefore we have adopted the per month billing system rather than the per impressions system. This way not only are you sure of the visibility of your advertisement throughout the month, you can also choose to place it on pages that are relevant to your brand.

You would agree that a toy brand would have more impact on pages detailing the need for good toys and impact of play on mental development, rather than rotating randomly through the entire site. Similarly a hobby paint brand will have more impact on the Activity Center pages. This targeted advertising is a unique service offered by Indian Moms. We also offer traditional banner advertising, panel advertising, smaller ad button placement, sponsorships as well as ads in our newsletters and Ezines.

Indian Moms also offers the opportunity to promote your product to our audience either through Reviews or Sampling.

For more information on the opportunities available at Indian Moms, including rates and current traffic levels, please contact us

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