How To Make A Volcano – Science Fair Experiments For Kids

½ cup water
½ cup vinegar
3 tbsp. baking soda
Clay / Garden soil
Red food colouring
¼ cup liquid detergent

1.Ask the children to build a small hillock using clay or soil from the garden.

2.Twigs can be used to decorate it.

3.Dig out mud from the peak of the hill to form a crater where the jar can fit in.

4.Put baking soda in the jar.

5.Fix the jar in the space made at the top of the hill.

6.Mix together water, liquid detergent, vinegar & some red colouring.

7.Pour the mixture into the jar.

8.Smoke and lava will start pouring out.


Terrariums are miniature gardens enclosed in glass. They require a minimum of care as the moisture that the plants absorb from the soil is given off through the leaves by the process of transpiration. This condenses on the glass walls and runs down to moisten the soil again. A well-constructed terrarium requires only light and warmth to flourish.
Container – any clear glass or plastic container can be used, if it will admit light and allow the plants to be seen. Fish tanks, fish bowls, pickle jars, bottles all make attractive displays. If they do not come equipped with a lid, a sheet of clear plastic or glass makes a suitable cover. Cling film can also be used. The neck of the container should be big enough for you to be able to put the plant inside.
Plants – Most plants recommended for terrariums are moisture-loving types which never become large. Apart from cacti and succulents, almost all house plants are suitable. Choose plants with similar requirements for temperature, light and water.
Red sand (bajri)
Charcoal pieces
Peat mixture (potting soil)
Lid or cling film

1.Clean the container.

2.Wash and dry the gravel, charcoal and red sand.

3.Make a funnel with the paper and pour in the gravel. If you wish to add a landscape effect, make hills and valleys with the gravel.

4.Pour a layer of charcoal

5.Add red sand.

6.The last layer would be of peat.

7.Lower the plants carefully into the container. Press the roots into the soil.

8.Sprinkle ¼ cup of water all over the terrarium.

9.Seal the container with a lid or cling film.

The Peat mixture is easily available at nurseries.
Place the terrarium in a well lit area but never in direct sun. Add ¼ cup water once a month.

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