Ant Farm

Small creatures like ants and spiders fascinate children. Help them learn more about ants by building an Ant Farm together. The children will be able to observe the ants’ busy life and their tunneling skills.

1 ½ lt. soft drink bottle (in plastic)
Drinking Glass
Craft Knife
Garden Soil
Muslin cloth
Rubber band

1.Cut the soft drink bottle in half. Discard the top section

2.Find a drinking glass that will fit inside, leaving a space of about 4 cm wide between the glass and the plastic bottle.

Carefully spoon in the garden soil to fill this space.

4.Add some ants from the garden.

5.Cover the top with a muslin cloth, secured by a rubber band, so that the ants cant escape.

6.Add a small amount of cake or sugar every few days.

Return the ants to their natural habitat after a few days. This will teach the children to have respect for animal life.

Mold Terrarium

Time taken – initial preparation would take 10 mts, subsequently the children can check the terrarium once in a while

A clear container with a lid (big glass jar or clear plastic container will do)
Adhesive Tape
4 -5 pieces of leftover food, such as bread, fruit, vegetables, cheese, and cookies or cake

1.The children can cut bigger foods like bread or cheese into 1″ chunks.

2.Each piece of food needs to be dipped into some water.

3.Put these into the container. If using big jar lay it on its side. Spread the pieces out so that they are close to each other, but not all in a heap.

4.Put the lid on the container.

5.Tape around the edge of the lid to seal it.

6.The children can observe the mold terrarium everyday. For the first 2 or 3 days they probably won’t see much. But soon a blue or green or white fuzzy stuff would be seen growing on some of the pieces of food. They can watch how the mold spreads and how things rot for about 2 weeks.

Safety tip – Do not use anything with meat or fish in it – after a few days, these would start to smell bad.
When the children are through with your Mold Terrarium, throw it in the garbage. Don’t reuse the container. Don’t even open the lid.

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