Fingerprints – Easy science projects for kids

Your children can play the detective by identifing fingerprints around the house

Stamp pad
Small soft paint brush
Magnifying glass

1.Fingerprint all the family by pressing their index finger on the stamp pad and then taking a print on a piece of a paper.

2.Label each print.

3.The children can now look for fingerprints all over the house.

4.On locating one, they can highly dust it with cornflour, using the brush.

5.The excess cornflour needs to be blown away carefully.

6.The fingerprint would be now visible. They can use a magnifying glass to clearly see the print and then identify who it belongs to.

The homemade magnifying glass can be useful in this activity.

Secret messages

Method 1

Lemon juice

1.Using the lemon juice & paintbrush write your message on the paper.

2.Nothing will be visible. The secret message is ready.

3.To read the message hold the paper near a hot light bulb or use an iron on the paper.

Tip – a Cotton bud may be easier to use than the paintbrush.

When vinegar or the juice of some fruits and vegetables dries on paper, it leaves no stain, but when the paper is heated a stain appears.

Safety tip – Be careful while using a heat source such as a light bulb or iron.

Method 2

White candle

1.Using the candle to write on the paper.

2.To decipher the secret code, paint over the paper with a wash of watercolour paint.

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