Sun Clock – Science Kids Projects

Time taken – the initial preparation will take 10 mts, subsequently the children will spend 5 mts every hour
Round cake tin
2 feet stick
Markers (plastic numbers or stones)

1.Fill the tin with moist sand or garden soil.

2.Press a stick exactly into the center of the tin

3.Move the can into a sunny area.

4.On the hour every hour place a marker at the top of the shadow made by the stick.

5.The sun clock is ready.

Remember not to change the location of the clock or all the markings will have to be done again.

Hour glass

2 plastic jar
Thick paper
Cello tape
Sand or dry salt
Stop watch or watch

1.Make two funnels out of the thick paper. These should just fit inside the jars.

2.Glue the lids together, back to back.

3.Make a hole in the center of the lids. Don’t make it too big or the sand will flow out too fast.

4.Glue the paper funnels to the jar lids so that their narrow ends surround the hole.

5.Fill sand in one jar.

6.Attach both the jar to their lids, keeping the sand filled jar at the bottom.

7.Now invert the jars.

8.Use a stopwatch to time a minute from the moment the sand start flowing out.

9.The moment one minute is up, turn the hourglass onto its side. The sand will stop flowing.

10.The sand in the lower jar is the amount you need.

11.Remove the left one sand in other jar.

The hour glass is ready. It can be used as a timer in games played by the children.
Salt is not useful in an hourglass in humid weather.

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