Teaching Story Writing

Family Book

This activity promotes family bonding and gives the child a firm sense of belonging that will help her remember important values in difficult times.

Photographs of different family members

1.On alternate pages of the sketchbook, paste photographs of different family members , starting from the grandparents and ending at the youngest child.

2.On the page facing the photograph, write the biographical details of the person, any memories associated with him, physical and temperamental traits, etc.

3.At the end of the book summarize common inherited traits, family history, religious and cultural history etc. (This will useful even from a medical point of view as some diseases require detailed knowledge of family inheritance.)

Teaching story writing

You can increase the level of sophistication as the child gets older. Ages – all ages ( increase the level of sophistication with age)

Small notebook

1.Set a topic for a story (such as what happens when a dog meets a monkey or going to a friend’s birthday party) and a word limit (depending on the age of the child). The theme of the story could also be to write a sequel to a favourite story or to write an alternate ending to a movie seen.

2.If the child is small give a helping hand with the outline

3.Provide a set of magazines to the child to stimulate creativity. Pictures from the magazine can be cut out and pasted on the notebook as illustrations.

4.Once the child has finished writing the story, give liberal marks for creative use of language , imagination, spelling, grammar and the internal coherence of the story. Mark each parameter separately.

For a toddler this activity can be converted into ‘Tell a story’. Toddlers love to hear a favourite story and they start repeating after the mother as she tells them the story. Encourage this.

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