Fortnightly Newspaper – Creative Writing Skills in Children

This activity helps bring the family closer together by encouraging communication and bringing out what various members of the family think and feel. It also encourages creative writing skills as well as factual reporting skills and editorial skills. And if you are a working mother it provides an excellent method of keeping abreast with your children’s lives.

Unlined sheets of paper
Sketch pens (alternately a computer)

1.Write down small items of family news as headlines

2.Write a few big articles on your family’s interests, travel plans, major events etc. ( This also encourages thinking and memory skills)

3.Put in a personal column, a few jokes, pictures etc.

4.Staple all the pages together, photocopy and distribute to the other family members.

The older children can create their fortnightly newspaper on the computer, thus polishing up their computer skills also.

Safety tip -Be careful with the stapler

Holiday/ Travel Book

Bound unlined notebook
Glue tube
Sketch pens

1.Before you go on a holiday ask your child to read up on the place you are going to and note the main points down in the notebook. Put these down under different sections such as flora and fauna, economy, history, religious beliefs, socio-cultural customs etc.

2.While on holiday, collect things like flowers and leaves of plants unique to the region, soil. Also collect postcards and photographs featuring monuments, religious and cultural rituals, wild life, etc of the area.

3.Paste everything into your book under the relevant section.

4.Write your own impressions of the place and compare this to what the guidebooks had said..

5.Record all interesting or funny happenings during the course of the holiday. You can even collect the tickets, paper napkins from the restaurants you went to, etc.

Scrap Book crafts and idas for kids

Old magazines
Glue tube
Marker pens

1.Cut out pictures from the magazines

2.Paste them in the sketch book in the form of a collage.

3.Give them small funny captions.

Safety – Be careful of the scissors.

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