Paper mache projects

Paper-mache Bangles – easy crafts for kids

Paper-mache Pulp
Plastic Bangles
Poster Paints

1.Rub each bangle inside and outside with sandpaper to roughen the surface. This provides a grip for the pulp.

2.Smooth the pulp a little at a time over each bangle. Make sure that you apply the pulp thinly to the inside edges of the bangle, so that they don’t become small for you.

3.Leave to dry. This can take upto 24 hours.

4.Rub lightly over the surface with sandpaper to even out any lumps and bumps.

5.Paint the bangles.

6.When completely dry , varnish the bangles inside and out.

Tip -When painting and varnishing the bangles, finish and dry parts of the bangle before starting on another part so as to avoid smudging.

Paper mache necklace can also be easily. Make beads of paper mache pulp, decorate them and then string them into a necklace. Remember to pierce a hole in each bead before it dries.

Paper mache bowl

Flour (Maida)
Petroleum Jelly

1.Tear strips of the newspaper and soak them overnight.

2.Cover the outside of the bowl with a thick layer of petroleum jelly.

3.Turn the bowl upside down and rest it on a jar or tin, so that it does not touch the work surface.

4.Wrap a layer of paper strips around it. The water will act as a binding agent.

5.Prepare a paste by cooking flour with water.

6.Brush the paper strips with the paste and keep applying layers to the bowl till the desired thickness is reached.

7.Leave the bowl to dry thoroughly.

8.Ease off the mould, taking care not to damage the bowl.

9.Decorate the bowl with paints as desired. Coat with varnish if using watercolours or poster paints.

Similarly you can make a lot of other shapes in paper mache.
Instead of using an object as a mould, you can make very interesting shapes by using a balloon as a mould.

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