Paints From Nature – Coloring Crafts For Kids

Natural materials like Beetroot (grated), Tea leaves, Rose petals, Coffee powder, Onion skins, flower heads, turmeric powder

1.Simmer each item in a separate pot on low heat, with a small amount of water.

2.Stir occasionally.

3.When colours darken considerably remove from heat.

4.Leave to cool.

5.Strain out the colours.

Project ideas- Natural dies are ideal for block printing and tie-dye.

Safety tip – Be careful when cooking the paints. Natural dyes may stain clothing.

Sanganer prints from Rajasthan are also done using natural or vegetable dyes. You can show the children a sample of this print.

Tesu flowers were used to play Holi before the advent of chemical colors. These are orange colored flowers, which were soaked overnight in water and the colored water was then used to play Holi. Next Holi, try to locate Tesu flowers for the children to play with.

Paper-mache Pulp

Plaster of Paris

1.Tear the newspaper into small pieces. Add some water.

2.Leave to soak overnight. Alternately bring the mixture to boil and leave to cool.

3.Put mixture through the food blender.

4.Put the pulp in a sieve and strain out the water. Remove as much water as possible.

5.Add glue and stir.

6.Sprinkle in some Plaster of Paris and stir thoroughly.

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