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The Founders: Indian Moms is our tribute to all of us Indian mothers at the dawn of the new millennium. For centuries the mother figure has been deified and worshipped in India, both as a mother goddess and as a mother. Yet surprisingly, this attitude of worship does not seem to have extended to an awareness of the concerns facing her. No organized body of knowledge has been evolved to cater to her needs. Earlier, as a part of the traditional joint family, she was able to garner the help and informational support of her elders as well as her peers. Today with an increasing trend towards nuclear families, she is denied even that and has to fall back on expensive books that are not even properly suited to Indian conditions.

As expectant moms and later while looking after our children, both of us faced this problem again and again. Thus was born Indian Moms – a comprehensive source designed to provide inexpensive and easily accessible information grounded in Indian traditions and concerns . The information in the site is drawn from both the traditional wisdom of our elders, as well as the scientific knowledge of doctors and child development experts.

Bhavna has spent over eight years in marketing of premier women magazines such as Femina and Cosmopolitan. She was infact the brand manager for the latter. To devote time to her young daughter she took a temporary sabbatical. She also finds time to devote herself to artistic pursuits and over the years has diligently taught herself various craft from batik to stained glass. She has successfully converted her hobby into a commercial venture; therefore she is our resident Work-at-home expert.

Manisha is an administrator by profession and writer by interest. She has written for newspapers like The Times of India and Hindustan Times. She has also given short radio talks. She has collaborated on writing stories for children published by the Children’s Book Trust of India and is currently working on a book for children. Being a single working mother of an active young boy she is constantly trying to successfully juggle career and family responsibilities.

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