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School supplies – Theo solutions are suppliers of school furniture & supplies in India. For schools, pre schools and also nursery level teaching, one can look at the bright colors and options in teaching aids. Teaching aids also seem to invoke a spirit of participation and children are in awe of anything that is tangible. This projects an element of fun. In fact teaching aids can make complicated issues very easy.. .

IWKI Preschool and daycare in Surat adajan – One of the leading play groups in Gujarat, India. offer activity classes and world class curriculum.

Piyali Dasgupta,Consultant: personality development programs, conducts counselling for behavioral issues in children from the age group 6 – 18 years old.
Area of expertise lies in “Counselling in Palliative Care Counselling and Behavioural Therapy, Training and Capacity Building, Project Management, and Writing”.
Piyali Dasgupta Saha Telephone Contact + 91 9910112748. Blog

Baby Wipes
These are very useful especially when travelling. A lot of imported brands like Tollyjoy, Mothercare are available but are very expensive. Two Indian brands have also come out with affordable rates.
1. Fresh Ones Baby Fun comes in an easy pullout box.
2. Cheerup baby cleansing tissues comes with a pre-cleaning tissue, which has an anti microbial and anti nappy rash solution; and a refreshing tissue, which has an antiseptic solution and moisturizer. Pack of 5 is Rs 30.

Chalk and Chuckles: toys and games gives children free rein to imagine, create, discover and explore. The brainchild of Pallavi and PrachiAgarwal, the games offer developmental tools with tremendous benefit for a child’s social, physical, language and cognitive skills. The games encourage family time, where parents explain the basic concepts underlying the games while children learn through free play. Each game has been devised with developing certain skill sets for the child and promises hours of fun and learning for the little ones. Delhi & Mumbai.

Bottle Sterilizer
A Bottle sterilizer is a very useful gadget. Not only is steam sterilization the best method of sterilizing bottles, with this gadget you can sterilize upto 6 bottles at a time without the hassle of supervising the boiling bottles. In addition there are no sediment deposits normally associated with conventional sterilization methods like boiling. Electric and microwave steam sterilizers are available in the market. Imported brands cost around Rs 3000-4000. An Indian brand ‘Littles’ has also come into the market and it costs around Rs 1800.

Babiano Clothes
These are very good for infants as they are not only made of very soft material but also stand up to repeated washes. They are also very affordable.

Lovables bras
There All day long series is very good for daily wear. They give a snug fit and good support. Lovables also have a Maternity bra, which is very good while nursing.

Dr Scholl’s footwear
These have been designed to provide comfort and support to much overworked feet. A spongy layer lets the feet feel cushioned. They come in the form of slippers and sandals and are ideal for pregnant women.

Tupperware glass tumbler
This is very useful for carrying water for your child when eating out or while shopping. It’s spill proof lid ensures that there is never any leakage and its sleek shape and size make it convenient to be carried even in your handbag.

Pepsodent G
This toothpaste is very good especially during pregnancy when your otherwise healthy teeth start giving trouble. Use of Pepsodent G is especially helpful in preventing gums from bleeding, a common occurrence during pregnancy.

Pebeo Porcelain
Now without a kiln or any other paraphernalia, your oven at home, generally used for baking cakes and cookies will help you produce crockery in your own design! All you need to do is to paint a plain dinner set or coffee mugs using Pebeo Porcelain paints and then bake in the oven. The paints are simple to use and also come in transparent shades. They can be used on any surface – glass, ceramic, terracotta, bone-china. The best thing about them is that they are wash-proof – so go ahead and create your own signature dinner set

Cuddles (Vardhaman) Knitting kit
Ready to knit packs are available which contain yarn, needles, buttons and a step-by-step knitting guide. Ideal for moms-to-be who are not too fond of knitting generally but due to the upcoming event are feeling the maternal tug towards knitting!

Knorr Chinese Mixes
The Chinese Mixes brought out by Knorr are the answer to every woman who wants to cook an entire Chinese meal but doesn’t want to spend hours in the kitchen. You can make yummy Sweet & Sour, Chilli Paneer, Fried Rice, Chicken Manchurian in minutes. The instructions are simple and the results are fabulous. A must for every kitchen cupboard, just for those days when unexpected guests turn up!

As a mother of a two year old who was a very poor eater and was underweight I was constantly worried about her growth and development. My doctor recommended Pediasure as a supplement. My daughter liked the taste of this easy to mix ready made cereal and there were days when she was just living on it. I have been using the product for over six months now and I feel reassured that her complete nutritional needs are being met even on days when she fusses over meals (which have also reduced considerably-her appetite is better and she is more active). Three spoons of Pediasure meet a child’s full nutritional requirements for a day. Coming in two flavours-Vanilla and Chocolate-Pediasure is a must in my opinion either as a supplement or even as a substitute meal.

Ritu Sangal, Gulmohar Park, Delhi
A very good teacher for all kinds of art and craft activities. She has a wide range of activities to choose from, depending on your taste and aptitude. Her method of teaching is aimed at not just imparting the requisite craft skills, but also at enhancing a person’s creativity.

Affinity, Green Park, Delhi
This beauty parlour is very good for children’s’ haircuts, particularly mundans. Ask for Mahesh. It also has a great line in pedicures and facials.

Giggles, Delhi & Calcutta
Ear piercing at Giggles is done by the gunshot method using sterilized surgical steel studs. Their way of handling children is very good. They also give a ‘certificate’ for the child to keep in her memory box!

Wonder tailors, Mehar Chand Market, Lodhi Road, Delhi
A row of tailors who can alter or transform any old clothes into a usable garment. Papa’s trousers or blazer can be easily altered to fit your son. Very useful for keeping up with growing kids.

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