Moms Ezine – October

Lead Feature
Working Moms and Guilt – Its almost automatic. If you’re a working mom you’ll probably be carrying loads of guilt – about being away for the best part of the day, for missing out on precious childhood memories and for being unable to guide your child in the best possible manner. But is there really any need for you to feel guilty at all? And more importantly, if you do feel guilty what can you do to feel better? Find out in this insightful article on the intricacies of being a working mom.

What they forgot to tell you about labour! – Actually there are lots of things they forgot to tell you about labour. All moms to be worry about delivery day – about how much it will pain, how will they know its time and will it all turn out well? Let us reassure you as we put together all the important stuff any new mom to be should know about one of the most important days in her life.

Bridging the generation gap – Teenager strolls in at odd hours dressed in what grandparents consider highly unsuitable attire. Grandmother vocally disapproves of the lifestyle of her grandchildren. Is this scenario being played out in your family? Perhaps you are forced to be the mediator in a battle in which there are no winners, only losers. Increasingly urban Indian families are fighting, and sometimes losing, the battle of the generations. Don’t lose hope however. Discover the way to peace through this article on bridging the gap.

Special Focus
Adoption, the hows and whys : Part IV – In this last issue of this series on Adoption we took a look at the psychological implications of adoption on the child and how and when to tell your child that she’s adopted

Buyers Guide
Each of us is concerned whether our children are getting enough nutrition. This makes us receptive to any product that aims at increasing the nutritional intake of our child – Milk additives are one of these. Find out how they help and the prices and features of the various brands in the market.

Celeb Mom
This month lets take inspiration from a very, very hardworking wondermom – You! All moms are celebrities in their own right and this little piece will tell you why.

Reader’s corner
This month an Indian mom living in Kuwait shares her experience of Bringing up Children Abroad. (Why don’t youwrite in about your experiences!)

Leisure Section
Your page as a woman. A sprinkling of jokes to get you in a relaxed mood, an easy and healthy recipe and small tips on a variety of subjects of interest to you – enjoy!

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