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As we’ve told you several times already (please bear with us, its so nice to be appreciated!), chose Indian Moms as the best reviewed site for the Home and Family category for the month of October. And has selected Indian Moms as the Site of the Day for 28th October. Indian Moms has also been entered by Indiatimes in the contest for the Best 50 sites. But over and above all the awards, there’s nothing so exhilarating then to know that all of you like the site! Here’s a selection of some of the things that our wonderful readers have said about us –

“I just logged on to your site and I must admit it has been brilliantly put together.”

“Your site looks great! The content of the pages are also great.”
Indira Chatterjee

“The site is good, well planned and above all simple.”
Rajesh Goenka, Pebeo India

“The site is FANTASTIC! Very polished, interesting and cool!”
Vinod Subramanium

“Went to your site today and was really really impressed – went through almost all the sections – just wanted to read on and on…”

“Although not of Indian ethnicity, I am a single parent who was scouring the internet for home remedies for colds/coughs in order to assist my toddler in healing from the croup. You’re website appeared to contain valuable information based upon the web description; therefore, I entered the site with an open mind. I must congratulate you on having one of the most informative and complete websites available today. You provide valuable and affordable information that works. Your advice and articles involving parenting are practical and based on sound research/advice. Thank you for your dedication to provide a service to women and men raising children in this day and age. I haven’t worded this well but it’s simply a big “thank-you” from the bottom of my heart for providing the information I needed in many areas surrounding the upbringing of my son.”
Kerri Payne
Hackensack, NJ

“I am regular visitor to this site and find it worth my while to surf its contents. I especially like your reviews section. And I do recommend this site to my friends.”
Jayanthi Gurusankar

“It is really a wonderful site. Hoping that you will keep guiding mothers like me forever.”
Nitu Vohra

“I visited your site and must congratulate you on the quality of information that you have put together. It is amongst the better ones that I have seen.”
Kavita Bedi

“I really like your site. I have also recommended it a lot of my friends.”
Anupama Anand

“It is such a pleasant surprise to see a relevant site for Indian mothers at last.”

“I read about your site in India Today Magazine some time back and since then I make it a point to visit your site every other day”
Sangeeta Sawhney

“I am visiting your site regularly at least once in a week….found it interesting and useful.”
Saroj Kumar

Thank you one and all – we really really treasure your feedback! So do keep coming to Indian Moms, do tell all your friends about it and most importantly please do keep writing in. See you next time and have a great festive month!

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