Moms Ezine August

Lead Feature
All about Dads – How often we forget all about the other half of the parental combo – the dad. In many homes the father is used more as a bogeyman as in, wait till your father finds out or don’t disturb him
or he’ll get mad. Even otherwise, a father’s role is not clear-cut especially in our still largely male dominated society. Explore the fascinating world of fathers as we take a look at this vital but often
neglected aspect of parenting

Hazards during Pregnancy – We all know that certain substances and procedures are dangerous during pregnancy but all too often the knowledge is incomplete and fragmentary. And as in many other things in life a little knowledge in pregnancy also makes for many sleepless nights and a great deal of worry. That’s why we’re devoting an entire article to reassuring you by providing you with all you ever need to know on the hazards to be avoided when you’re pregnant.

Teaching a baby to talk – The rat race begins early for parents – which child smiled first, walked first, talked first …. and so on and so forth. For most parents the first word is the really important landmark and increasingly we tend to opt for nurture rather than leave it to nature in our rush to hear that magical first word. Here are a few tips then, for those of you who are still waiting for the magic to begin.

The Structured Child – More and more parents are being pressurized to push their children into one class after another. After school there are tutorials, music classes, dance classes, hobby classes and sports coaching classes. Discover their impact on a child so that you can make an informed decision for yours.

Puberty – Neither larva nor butterfly, neither child nor adult, puberty is a strange never-never land suspended somewhere in between. Though all of us have been through this stage, most of us may have difficulty in helping our children through their own puberty. Find out what your child needs to know at this most embarrassing and difficult period of his life, with this article on coping with puberty.

Special Focus
Adoption, the hows and whys – Part II – In the last issue we took an overall look at adoption and its implications. In Part 2 of our series on adoption, we will be focusing on the procedures, documents and
agencies of adoption. So if you or anyone close to you is contemplating adoption – don’t miss this issue!

Buyers Guide
This month we’re taking a look at the different kinds of Diapers in the market. Find out whether Huggies or Snuggies is the right choice baby!( Aha!)

Celeb Mom
From this month onwards, we have something new for you. While all moms are superwomen in their own right, there are some women who have made their mark as both a woman and a mom. We at Indian Moms celebrate such moms and take a look at what makes them special and unique. In this issue come and meet Shovana Narayan, the famous Kathak dancer. We guarantee that you will find reading about these moms not only absorbing but inspiring as well.

Reader’s corner
In every issue we provide a forum for all of you moms to have your say on any topic. In the last issue we highlighted Jeena’s story which dealt with abortion. Find out what our readers are saying in this issue in Reader’s Corner – this time on a mother’s perspective on Monsoons!

Leisure Section
Your page as a woman. A sprinkling of jokes to get you in a relaxed mood, a little bit of gossip, the
latest fashion news, an easy and healthy recipe and small tips on a variety of subjects of interest to you – enjoy!

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