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While making this site we realized that Parenting is a huge subject, a subject which is not given its proper due, ever. To be able to do justice to this vast treasure trove of information we have tried to cover basic parenting issues in the main site. For example issues relating to feeding the baby or weight gain during pregnancy. The special focus areas like non-drug treatment during pregnancy or working mothers are being covered by the Moms Ezine. Each month we will compile a collection of articles that will be of interest to you, as a parent. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.

Lead Feature
Working Mom SpecialGetting more from your day: Tips on combining your home life and your work life smoothly and efficiently and on finding those precious extra minutes in the day.

Preparing for pregnancy – Many parents-to-be don’t know what precautions are needed or how a little careful planning, before conception, can ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby. Learn all about the pre-pregnancy factors in this article.

Facts about twins and multiple conceptions – How are twins formed? What are your chances at having twins? This article takes an in-depth look at this miracle of nature.

Handling Grief – Everyone faces bad times, loss of a loved person or pet at some time or the other. How can you help your child cope with loss of any kind? Find out in this article.

Special Focus
The special focus section is a focused look at certain specialized issues such as adoption, special needs children, or single parenting. In this inaugural issue we’re focusing on adoption.
Adoption – the hows and whys : Perhaps you or someone close to you has been contemplating adoption. Find out the legal way of adopting a child in our short series on adoption in the special focus section.

Buyers Guide
What products are safe for your family to use? What should you be looking for when buying strollers, contraceptives, walkers, cots etc?
Home pregnancy testing kits

Reader’s corner
This is where you share your experiences, comments and observations with us.
In this issue an Indian Mom is sharing her experience of Abortionthere is absolutely no reason that can justify abortion.

Leisure Section
Your page as a woman. A sprinkling of jokes to get you in a relaxed mood, a little bit of gossip, the latest fashion news and small tips on a variety of subjects of interest to you , a recipe to try on your family – enjoy!

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