Milestone Chart

Child experts use this chart of child mental and physical development to gauge progress. A word of warning however – each child develops differently and so, while a major deviation should be immediately checked up, minor deviations of a month or two should not become causes for panic.

Sequence Of Motor Development
Social Smile (in response to mother’s smile) 3 months
Thumb Sucking 1 month
Holding the Head Up:
-In prone position 1 month
-In sitting position 4 months
-From side to side 2 months
-from back to side 4 months
-Completely 6 months
-Pulls to sitting position 4 months
-With support 5 months
-Without support 9 month
Organs of elimination:
-Bowel control 2 years
-Bladder control 2 to 4 years
Reach and Grasp 4 months
Grasp and Hold 5 months
Standing with Support 8 months
Standing without Support 11 months
Walking with Support 11 months
Walking without Support 12 months


3 Months : The child cries less and smiles when some one talks to him. ‘Cooing’ ( vowel like sound) appears.
4 Months : The head turns towards the source of a sound ; produces chuckling sounds.
5 Months : . Utters consonant sounds ( speech sound that forms a syllable only in combination with vowels)
6 Months : Babbling becomes quite common Ma , Da , Di etc.
10 Months : Tries to imitate sounds but fails.
12 Months : Uses single words to express complex ideas. Average vocabulary – 3 words.
18 Months : Child begins to combine words , that is , see ball , eat rice etc. Average vocabulary about 22 words.
24 Months : Capable of joining two words and making a phrase. Average vocabulary, about 270 words.
30 Months : Babbling ceases. Each utterance is meaningful and purposive. Uses sentences consisting of two- five words.
3 Years : Average vocabulary becomes about 896 words , nearly 80% of what children say is 
understood by others.
4 Years : Language is well established. Average reaches about 1540 words. The difference between child’s and adult’s language at this stage is more in style than in grammar.

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