Contents Lead Feature Working Moms and Guilt – Its almost automatic. If you’re a working mom you’ll probably be carrying loads of guilt – about being away for the best…

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Ludhiana Dr. Poonam Kochar, Rishi Nagar РPh. 471578 Problems related to Personality, Career, Family and Children domestic violence РInformation and resources for victims of violence.

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Paediatrician Dr T N Ramamurthi – Ph. 4996596 Gynecologist Dr D Vasanthi, Apollo Hospital – Ph. 8293333, 8294343

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Stress has made in-roads into the teen years. The problems of coping with exams, the need to score high enough marks to say ahead of the large and competitive pack,…

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It is normal for young children to have difficulties in using language. These difficulties range from lisping to strange grammatical constructions. However in some instances a child suffers from stuttering.…

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Buying that first pair of shoes for your child is quite a landmark : it means he’s no longer a baby but a toddler. Shoes aren’t needed until your toddler…

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Bullying is defined as one child or several repeatedly teasing, taunting, threatening or physically abusing another child. Bullying can happen to children of all ages but smaller children are particularly…

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