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Dr. Yuvakshi Juneja

Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Q. My periods are a bit irregular. Normally they are coming between 35-40 days, but once or twice it so happens that it would not bleed properly, ie very less bleeding would take place & within 20 days again the periods come with proper bleeding. Otherwise there is no extreme abnormality as such. Would this affect my getting pregnant as normally 14-16 days before the end of cycle is most fertile time, so should I be concerned, another problem is that I don’t know the exact date when they would begin. Pls advise, as I plan to start a family by early next year.

Ans. An irregular ovulation cycle can effect fertility. Also as you have a irregular cycle you can’t rely on the calculation for fertile period.
Q. After four years of marriage, I am not able to conceive. What to do? I got married in 1997 but I have no children. During the end of second year of my marriage I conceived but due to some problem I have to go through DNC (third month).My bleeding started in the third month. Doctors tried their best but failed and I had to go through DNC. After that I am not able to conceive. I used to have severe pains before and during periods. I went to doctor she asked me to do all my blood test. My reports are normal. Doctors did my ovulation study that was also normal. They gave me injection 13th day after period but no use. Now I am taking one month course of medicine. Please tell me how I can conceive.

A. Your Tubal status has to be evaluated as often after a DNC problems occur in the tubes.

Q. I am 2 1/2 months pregnant and I suffer from bleeding of the gums and tooth whenever I brush my teeth. Do I visit my dentist or will it disappear on its own? Is it happening because of the medicines I am taking?

A. During pregnancy gums tend to bleed. Use a good toothpaste. You can also show yourself to a dentist to rule out any other problem. Remember to tell the dentist about your condition and don’t get a x-ray done or take medication without consulting your gynaecologist.

Dr. Promilla Butani
Consultant Paediatrician

Q. Till when should the baby feed on mother’s milk. Is it healthy for the mother and the child if it continues up till 2 years?
. Yes its healthy for mother and baby to breastfeed until two years of age as long as child is eating normal food otherwise.
Q. My sister’s baby is 5 months old passes stool whenever given milk.

A. Passing stool after milk is not abnormal but it can depend upon the type of milk used and the type of motion passed. If you send in these details, we can give you more specific advice.
Q. My son is six months old. He is suffering from cough and my doctor adviced me to give phenegran only at the night. Is it sufficient for the cough? Should I give some home remedies?
A. Phenargan is not a remedy for cough, it merely sedates the child. The best home remedy is steam inhalation. For treatment, you need to discover the cause of the cough – whether its viral or bacterial in nature and only then can supportive treatment be prescribed.

Q. My son is 6 months old. I have started giving him Lactogen 2. But his milk consumption is very less from the beginning. I have started some semi-solids also. As per the instructions given on the milk jar he should consume 7 oz. 5 to 7 times a day but he consumes hardly 3 oz at a time. Please tell me how to cope with this situation.

A. It doesn’t matter how much milk he is consuming at this time, at this age his diet should be 70% proper food and 30% milk. So please concentrate on feeding him more solid food.

Q. My son is four years old, at birth the Paediatrician told me that he was calcium deficient and he was given Calcimax for six months. Later I discontinued. He is a fussy eater and does not put on weight. Today he weighs only 15 kgs and is 40 inches in height. He has only 18 teeth. I have restarted calcium with him. I am afraid of giving him too much calcium as he might get stones, etc. Kindly advise.

A. Calcium supplement is not necessary. Don’t worry about the weight if he is otherwise healthy and active. And remember, children get bored – give him lots of variety in his food and he may surprise you with his appetite.

Ms Divya Singhal Prasad
Child Psychologist and Psychotherapist
Q. Why should the child be moved to a separate room at a certain age? What should this age preferably be? What are our apprehensions and fears in letting the child sleep with us

A. It is essential for growing children to learn independence and self sufficiency. By sleeping separately child learns that not only his parents but he or she also has privacy. If the child has a brother or sister it is generally easier for both parents and child to move to a separate room. It is important that child be made to participate in this decision by planning things for his room, highlighting the good things she will enjoy eg putting up posters etc. There is no fixed correct age but by 2-3 years child can be made to sleep in a separate bed even if in the same room and by 5years he can be shifted to another room.

Dr. Nandita Chaudhary
Child Development Specialist

Q. Should 11yr old child left to study off his own or need to be taken care by parents or say at what age the child should be independent when it comes to studies?

A. It is very difficult to give a firm age by which a child should do independent study. It differs for different children and if your child needs companionship while studying I would say that you should be there. Gradually, you could change your own role and try to give smaller, easy tasks to work independently while you are actually present in the same place. Sometimes, I have seen that children want presence and companionship rather that actual assistance. Any sudden change in pattern would lead to difficulty.

Q. My friend in school expects me to behave and act the way she does. She thinks the way I dress is wrong and stuff. Though I never do bother about her comments and tell her to leave me alone I feel bad and wish we could get along better. What should I do?

A. During the years of youth, friends’ opinions gain a lot of importance and many of us try to change ourselves to gain the approval and acceptance of others. However, as you go along in life, you will understand and realize that “accepting a person for what he or she is” is very important. It may help you to reflect on this friend from your own perspective. Surely, in spite of your admiration, there may be some things about her that are not pleasing to you. Even then, you feel the need to retain her friendship. Similarly, if she values your company, there are things about you that she must accept. Today she doesn’t like the way you dress, and you could change that. Tomorrow, if she doesn’t like your hair colour, I am sure there are salons that could take care of that too. But what if she doesn’t like your face, or legs or worse still, your parents, what then? You are at the threshold of life, and there are some lessons that will hold you in a strong position. Accept people for what they are and not what you want them to be. Perhaps you might want to sit down with your friend and tell her about the way you feel. If you are able to get through to her, it is worth the investment. If not, there are plenty of people in the world for you to seek friendship with and the investment will be a lesson learnt. I hope this answer has helped you to understand the importance of acceptance.
Thanks for writing in, happy friendship!

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