Sandesh Recipe

½ cup freshly made paneer
Icing sugar to taste

1.Mix the paneer and sugar.

2.Knead the paneer mixture to form a smooth dough.

3.Divide the mixture into two portions.

4.Lightly sauté one part in a non-stick pan for bout 4 to5 minutes.

5.Mix the sautéed dough with the remaining dough. Knead well.

Tip – Add milk or cream to soften the sandesh for the infant. You can knead in pureed fruits to add flavour to the sandesh. Use less sugar. Make paneer by boiling milk and adding a curdling agent (lemon, vinegar, curd or whey) to it. Simmer till the milk separates from the whey. Strain thoroughly.

Fruit Cocktail recipe

¼ cup chopped tomatoes
1 orange segment
1/8 carrot (chopped)
¼ tbsp papaya/melon pieces
1 tbsp water
a drop of lemon juice
pinch of salt
pinch of sugar

1.Blend all the ingredients in a mixer.

2.Strain. Consume immediately.

Tip – Preferably take off the skin and pips of the orange segment before blending.

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