Homemade Musical Instruments

Simple banjo

Shoebox with lid
Scissors or craft knife
4-5 rubber-bands of different sizes

1.Cut a 8cm hole in the lid of the shoebox

2.Put the lid back on the shoebox

3.Press down hard on the lid to make the surface of the lid lower than the edge of the lid.

4.Stretch the rubber bands right around the box width wise (use thick rubber bands that won’t break easily).

5.Position them over the sound hole.

The children will hear different sound when they pluck the rubber bands.


Containers (cardboard cylinders, tins, cans) with one side open
Skins for the drum (plastic, greaseproof paper, wrapping paper, balloons)

1.Cover a variety of containers with different skins.

2.Use the rubber bands to secure the skins around the drums.

3.Show the children how to play the drums by tapping the skin with their finger.

Tip – to make some of the skins tighter for higher sounds, they can be dipped in water and then stretched on the drum while wet.


2 disposable glasses
Uncooked rice

1.Fill a glass about half fully of uncooked rice.

Place the empty glass on top of it.

3.Holding them firmly inplace, join them together with tape.

4.The children can use felt pens to decorate the maracas in bright colours.

5.You could also make some maracas using different amount of rice.

6.For different sound effects you could use lentils, chickpea, red kidney bean, macaroni.

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