Kids Activities

Kids activities

Welcome to our power center of easy and fun – to – do activities for all age groups, from infants to teenagers, and their moms (or dads)! Most of the activities are easily organized from items you will have at home and they will help develop your children’s imagination, creativity and mental and physical skills. So give your children that extra learning edge and spend quality-bonding time together by switching off the TV and getting started.

The activities for kids range from scientific, to musical to arts and crafts. Simple, clear instructions, safety tips make using these activities a snap. As a bonus most activities explain the skills learnt by the child as a result.

Many of the activities require adult participation or supervision especially where items such as knives, scissors, hammer or nails have been used. The step-by-step instructions have been written from the parent’s point of view, it is up to you to judge how much of the activity your child can do independently. Don’t forget, however, that you are trying to encourage independent discovery, self-confidence and creativity and it is important to be flexible and follow your child’s lead.

The activities have basic suggestions regarding the age of the child. But this is a rough guide only – all kids are different and you’ll soon know if an activity is too easy or too difficult for your child.

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