Flower Printing – How to Make Print on Flowers

Small flowers and leaves
2 Waxed or grease proof papers

1.Arrange the flowers on the waxed paper.

2.Place another sheet of waxed paper on top.

3.Iron carefully with a slightly cool iron. The wax in the paper will bind together and seal the flowers inside.

You can start out by going for a walk with the children. Help them pick flowers and leaves for this activity. This will help the children appreciate nature.

Edible sculptures

Your favourite Biscuit Dough
Food colouring

1.Ask the children to mould the dough in any shape they want.

2.Food colouring can be added to give more colour to the sculptures.

3.Bake these as per your recipe.

4.Once cooked the children will enjoy their ‘fruits of labour’!

This activity is suitable for all age groups. The younger children will love to ‘sculpt’ and later eat their creations. This will not only help them in their motor skill development but also give them a sense of achievement. Older children can start the activity by making the dough themselves and then practicing their modeling skills on the dough.

Safety tip -Make sure that the children’s hands and the work surface is clean.

Recommended chocolate making activity for children

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