Natural Blocks – Art n craft

Paper Pin

1.Cut a potato in half

2.Draw the design on paper

3.Cut out the design

4.Fix this template onto the potato half. Secure it in place with a paper pin.

5.Using this as a reference cut away the rest of the potato leaving only the shape you want to use for your block.

6.The shape must stick out at least 2 cm above the rest of the potato half.

Your block is ready.

Tip – An easier way of making potato blocks is by using cookie cutters or play dough moulds. Simply press these into the potato half. The proportion of the potato left in the cutter or mould is your block.

Other natural blocks –
Similarly blocks can be made from other vegetables too.

You can use a capsicum by cutting it in half either around the middle or from top to

Lemon can be used by cutting it in half around the middle.

Cut an onion into wedges and use these as blocks.

Everyday objects like shoes, leaves, etc. can also be used as blocks.

Encourage your child to experiment with different colours and shapes.

Block printing

Paper or Cloth

1.Thin the paint slightly onto the plate.

2.Coat the block with the paint, using the brush.

3.Now press the block, with the painted side down, onto the surface being decorated.

Tip – wipe clean the block in between stamping

You can buy wooden blocks from the market our make your own blocks – Matchstick block, natural blocks, Play dough blocks.
Use food colours for toddlers

Rolling pin painting

Rolling Pin
Poster paints

1.Wrap the thread around the rolling pin

2.Apply paint with the brush on to the rolling pin. You can apply 2-3 colours at a time.

3.Roll the pin on the paper. As the pin rolls a beautiful design will be made on the paper.

Use food colours for toddlers when printing with these blocks

Safety tip – Remember to clean the rolling pin thoroughly before using it again in the kitchen.

Project ideas. Greeting Cards, wrapping paper

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