Face Painting Ideas

4-5 shades of finger paints
Large sheet of newspaper

1.Demonstrate to the younger children how to use the paints.

2.Let the children go wild! Large sheets of newspaper are best for finger painting.

The child’s artwork can be used as wallpaper on the lower walls in his room.

Make the Finger Paints at home

Homemade Finger Paints

2 tbsp. cornflour
6 tbsp. water
½ cup of boiling water
Food colours

1.Put the water to boil.

2.Mix the cornflour & water. Add this to the boiling water.

3.Stir over medium heat till it thickens.

Remove from fire and spoon out portion into small bowls.

5.Add food colours to make 4-5 shades of finger pain.

6.Leave to cool.

Use these finger paints to have loads of fun with your child.

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